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Corporate Gifting & Events

Bespoke Tailoring


Elevate your corporate engagements with our bespoke offerings tailored to leave a lasting impression. Events become memorable experiences as we invite you to immerse yourselves in the timeless artistry of tailoring. 




Your guests will indulge in complimentary beverages and treats before we help them create the perfect bespoke suit or shirt. Whether hosted at our distinguished Mayfair store or your venue or exhibition stand, our corporate experience events promise unmatched elegance and refinement. 

Personalised Client Gifts

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Delight in the art of giving as we present gift vouchers redeemable for all Savile Row Company products and services, from bespoke suits to made-to-measure shirts. You can even elevate your gesture further by personalising each voucher with your esteemed company logo and a heartfelt message, ensuring that every recipient feels truly valued and appreciated. 

Staff incentives

Gift Voucher


Celebrate the achievements of your team with our Staff Incentives Programme, designed to inspire and motivate excellence. Recognise their hard work and commitment by gifting them personalised vouchers from Savile Row Company Custom Made.
Whether it's a bespoke shirt for the gentleman or a women's tailored suit, our offerings ensure that each recipient feels not just acknowledged, but truly valued for their contributions.

New Employee Package 

The bespoke experience


Welcome new talent to your team with a personalised uniform voucher—a thoughtful addition to your onboarding process. 
Empower your new hires to step into their roles with confidence and sophistication, knowing that they will be outfitted in attire tailored to reflect the professionalism and excellence of your business. With our bespoke options for both men and women, each uniform becomes a symbol of unity and pride, fostering a sense of belonging from day one.


Corporate Identity


Improve your corporate identity with our Logo Integration service, where your brand's emblem becomes a hallmark of distinction on your Savile Row Company garments.