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What is a bespoke shirt?


The importance of a well-fitted shirt is somewhat overlooked — with a gentleman’s jacket or suit often taking centre stage. However, the fit of your shirt actually plays a huge part in the sartorial success of your outfit. Get it wrong, and it can ruin your whole look. To avoid such a mishap, we suggest investing in a bespoke shirt. A popular choice for a wide range of occasions (from weddings to business events), the bespoke shirt is your key to finding the perfect fit.

But what is a bespoke shirt? And how much does it cost? To provide answers to some commonly asked questions, we spoke to our store director Max Ciampi.


What’s the difference between a bespoke and made-to-measure shirt?

While the making of a made-to-measure garment shares a lot of common processes with bespoke, there are some clear differences. When creating a made-to-measure shirt, we begin with an existing shirt block and make adjustments to fit the customer. This will include tweaks to the collar, sleeve length and chest circumference. In comparison, a bespoke shirt is crafted from an individual pattern and (just like a bespoke suit) hand-cut following client configurations. Many measurements are taken, and every aspect of the shirt is made using those unique measurements. Things like the client's posture and body configuration are also taken into consideration.  


How do you make a bespoke shirt? 

After we have taken the body measurements from the customer, the shirt cloth is chosen and then cut by our UK workshop following the instruction of our tailors. Clients will choose their favourite collar and cuffs, as well as monogramming or any other styling options. This can include internal collar trim, pearl buttons or contrast stitching. Our cutter can also design new collars or cuffs — following client designs or wishes. These types of requests can be discussed during the initial consultation.


How long does it take to make a bespoke shirt?

Normally it takes around 10 days to make a bespoke shirt — pending production. During busier periods, it can take up to three weeks. However, if the order is urgent, we should be able to get shirts ready in just three days.


How much is a bespoke shirt?

Prices vary depending on your choice of fabric. For customers who choose cloths from fabric stock, shirts can start at £250. Other fabrics — such as those from Tessitura Monti, Induo and Acorn — are available from £325.