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What Colour Suit is Best for a Wedding?

It’s been a while, but it looks like wedding season is finally going to get underway. One question we are always asked is: what colour suit is best for a wedding? The truth is that our advice differs depending on the season and the location and/or theme of the wedding. You should also be aware that your skin tone can determine which colours suit you best.

The Best Suits for a Spring Wedding

As with any wedding, the formality of the dress code is dictated by the bride and groom — and the style of their guests. While some will prefer traditional wedding attire, others will be more laid back. When considering your own outfit, be sure that what you wear syncs with their vision. 

If you have an olive or dark skin tone, strike the perfect balance between formal and semi-formal with a light grey (or blue) two-piece suit — crafted from a luxury four seasons wool fabric. Not only will this keep you warm in the evening, but it’s breathable enough if it’s hot during the day. If you have fairer skin, opt for a darker shade of grey to avoid looking washed out.

The Best Suits for a Summer Wedding 

Sunny weather weddings tend to lend themselves to more casual tailoring styles, such as unstructured jackets and linen suits. Fabrics are generally lighter, with cotton-blend and mohair fabrics being some of the most popular choices. Navy and grey suits are common, however lighter natural tones (such as cream, stone and pale blue) will help set you apart from other guests; especially if you have medium or dark skin. A beige two-piece suit is an excellent option, teamed with a crisp white shirt and suede made-to-order loafers.

The Best Suits for an Autumn Wedding

Black tie weddings can happen at any time of the year, however many start to take place when the weather begins to get cooler. If this is the theme of your autumn wedding, a black or midnight blue dinner suit would be a smart choice. If there’s no specific dress code, we suggest playing it safe with a classic navy or grey suit — which look great for all skin tones — or mimic the colours of the season’s atmosphere and foliage with dark brown or green. A standard four seasons wool would be our suggested fabric; however, you may wish to go for something heavier (such as tweed or mid-weight flannels) if it’s particularly cold.

The Best Suits for a Winter Wedding 

If the big day is taking place during winter, your summer or spring tailoring will probably have to take a back seat. Unless the wedding is somewhere sunny, of course. For UK weddings, as a general rule, dark hues — such as charcoal and navy — and heavier fabrics are most suitable. If you’re worried your darker complexion may be better suited to fresher colours, a mid-grey suit can be just as effective (especially against the icy backdrop of December). Three-piece suits will give you an extra layer of warmth, while tweed and flannel bring some beautiful texture that will also keep you warm.

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