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A gift that will be treasured

There’s no denying it: some men (and women!) are exceptionally hard to buy for.

Present them with a Savile Row Company - Custom Made gift voucher and you can be certain that they’ll have something that they’re absolutely delighted with. A really special bespoke tie or accessory that they love but might never have treated themselves to. A contribution to the Savile Row bespoke suit or bespoke shirt that they’ve always secretly dreamed of having. Or, if the person or the occasion is really, really special, the full cost of that yearned-for bespoke garment.

A gift that’s easy to buy

Give that Savile Row gift voucher and not only is the recipient delighted – but your life is easy. Just give us a quick call and, within minutes, your gift will be sorted.

The perfect corporate gift

Many of the gift vouchers we issue are for corporate gifts. People want to give staff or clients thoughtful, luxury gifts but are not in a position to pick out what would give each individual most pleasure. And we see how delighted their recipients are when they come to the shop to redeem their vouchers.

If you would like to give a Savile Row gift voucher, just give us a call on 0207 287 6740 or email at to tell us who for and how much.