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Can a Groom wear white?


To avoid any possibility of upstaging the bride, customary wedding dress code requests that all guests should refrain from wearing white; but do the same rules apply to the groom?

As time passes and rules relax, it has become increasingly popular for grooms to experiment with their wedding outfits. In fact, we’ve found many grooms are moving away from traditional attire and becoming more adventurous in their sartorial choices; this includes wearing white.

Perhaps the most desired garment is the white bespoke dinner jacket. Suitable for all skin tones, it is often completed with white or black silk lapels and paired with a white studded dinner shirt, black trousers (with black gallon on the sides), black bow tie and patent black shoes. Alternatively, a cream super fine wool/mohair bespoke suit is a popular option for those getting married abroad or during summer. Not only will it help keep you cool (and wrinkle-free if you don’t like linen), but its laidback aesthetic is especially suited to warm-weather settings such as the medieval hilltop villages of Tuscany or the beautiful Provence vineyards in France.

Clean, elegant and eye-catching, a white outfit will certainly make a statement – but it’s the finer details that can make all the difference. Whether you wish to add a bespoke waistcoat, unique buttons or personalised lining, our team of talented tailors are happy to oblige.